Using GitHub’s Pull Requests Effectively

GitHub is becoming the one-stop shop for developers looking to work on open-source and private projects. In an effort to improve its foothold within the developer community, the company has recently improved its code review functionality and launched a marketplace for 3rd party developers to integrate with GitHub. This makes it a good time to look at how to make the GitHub experience more amenable to code review.

Code Review and Quality Assurance

Developers and testers will often be on the same team, but accomplish drastically different tasks. A developer will typically write code, test the code, and document the feature. A tester will verify that the feature conforms to its requirements and find any bugs. Some of these tasks can happen at the same time whilst others can’t.

How To Code Review Like A Pro

One of your colleagues is asking you to review the code she wrote. Instead of haphazardly looking at the code to find issues with it, use these three simple steps to provide a meaningful, thorough review that will help both yourself and your colleague improve the quality of the code being checked in.

ReviewBoard Product Review

There are a number of excellent products out there to help make code reviews more effective. Today we’re going to look at ReviewBoard to see how it differentiates itself from its main competitors. ReviewBoard has been quietly improving its product since its initial release in 2009 to provide a great code review experience for teams of any size.