Hi, I’m Marc Roussy. I started this blog as a way to self-document what I’m learning about. Cloud development is my area of expertise. My focus, and therefore the articles I publish, are centered on serverless technologies and how they can be leveraged with C#.

You’ll find the odd article here or there about tangentially related topics, but I do my best to stay on the serverless story.

Here are some of my most popular posts:

About Marc


I’ve been writing code in one form or other for the past fifteen years. I work mostly in the .NET space and like to dabble in Node.js when I get the chance.

I’m a full-stack developer specialized in the back-end. Concretely that means that while I can do front-end work, I’m more skilled at doing back-end work.

I’ve worked extensively with AWS and Azure and have a slight preference for AWS.

I’ve built enterprise and cloud-based applications across a multitude of industries and enjoyed every second of it.

Reach out to me for any comments or inquiries.