Hi, I’m Marc Roussy. I started this blog to help fellow developers improve the quality of the cloud applications they build with the .NET stack.

What I discovered is that there are many aspects to building a high quality cloud app beyond writing clean code. There are three categories upon which most of my blog articles are focused on:

Building for quality benefits the business by way of:

  • Faster delivery of features through process improvements and automation.
  • Increased customer happiness when using the product.
  • Increased confidence when selling and demoing the product.
  • Lower cost of maintenance of the product.

About Marc


I’ve been writing code in one form or other for the past fifteen years. I work mostly in the .NET space and like to dabble in Node.js when I get the chance.

I’m a full-stack developer specialized in the back-end. Concretely that means that while I can do front-end work, I’m more skilled at doing back-end work. I’ve worked extensively with AWS and Azure and have a slight preference for AWS.

I’ve built enterprise and cloud-based applications in the pharmaceutical, gambling, digital marketing, construction and maritime industries.

Reach out to me for any comments or inquiries.