Pre-Commit Code Reviews

If there’s a method of code review that creates some anxiety and confusion, it’s the pre-commit code review. Some development teams have embraced it and built large, complex software such as Linux and Git with email-based pre-commit reviews.

For most teams though, pre-commit review causes too many disruptions in a highly disrupted world. It’s unfortunate because pre-commit reviews allows for early feedback and smaller commits — both tenets of code quality. Is there a way to make pre-commit reviews less of a distraction?

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How To Code Review Like A Pro

One of your colleagues is asking you to review the code she wrote. Instead of haphazardly looking at the code to find issues with it, use these three simple steps to provide a meaningful, thorough review that will help both yourself and your colleague improve the quality of the code being checked in.

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ReviewBoard Product Review

There are a number of excellent products out there to help make code reviews more effective. Today we’re going to look at ReviewBoard to see how it differentiates itself from its main competitors. ReviewBoard has been quietly improving its product since its initial release in 2009 to provide a great code review experience for teams of any size.

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