Ultimate List of .NET Blogs To Follow

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I’m a big fan of the written word. It’s my favourite way to learn, mainly because I can do it at my own pace whenever I have a few free minutes to read a book, article, or whitepaper.

There are tons of top development blog lists out there, but most weren’t focused specifically on .NET and those that were often linked to blogs that hadn’t been updated in awhile. That’s when I started my own quest to create the ultimate .NET blogs list. It’s taken almost a year but it has finally gotten to a point where it’s worth sharing.

The list below is definitely not complete. There are assuredly some amazing blogs that I am still not aware of or have completely missed. Please leave a comment with any blogs that need to be on this list, and I’ll add them as soon as possible.

And finally, I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to share their knowledge through a blog. You’ve all helped me become a better developer in one way or another.

Andrew Lock Andrew focuses his posts mostly around ASP.NET Core and is also writing a book on the topic. Make sure to add it to your must-read list if you’re planning on using .NET Core in the near future.
Barry Luijbregts The best way to get started with Azure technologies you aren’t familiar with is Barry’s blog. He has a knack for explaining the core concepts that you need to know to get going with Azure services that you aren’t familiar with.
BuildAzure.com Chris Pietschmann runs BuildAzure.com, and as you might guess from the name, writes about all things Azure and .NET. His weekly news roundups are worth the follow alone.
Christian Nagel Christian is the author of Pro C# 7 and writes mostly about the intricacies of C# and also blogs about .NET Core, Visual Studio, C#, Microsoft Azure, Universal Windows Platform, and ASP.NET Core.
Derek Comartin CodeOpinion.com is run by Derek Comartin, one of many Microsoft MVPs on the list. My favourite part of his blog are the weekly roundup posts, which have led me to discover more than a few gems.
DotNetThoughts Anuraj’s blog has in-depth articles on ASP.NET and Angular. I’ve found myself using his code samples on more than one occasion to solve problems in my own projects.
Filip Woj Filip’s blog is all about ASP.NET Core and its inner workings. Just about the only thing that I don’t agree with is his love of the Toronto Maple Leafs 😉
Iris Classon My favourite part of Iris’ blog is the “(Not So) Stupid Question” posts that she regularly writes: they are practical and focused explanations of a single concept or question.
Jon Skeet You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of Jon. His knowledge of C# is second-to-none, as proved by his StackOverflow reputation. His blog posts are some of the most detailed and insightful on the Internet.
Julie Lerman Julie is the uncontested expert in all things Entity Framework. She’s written multiple books on the topic and is one of the best at clearly explaining how something works.
K. Scott Allen Scott writes about all things ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Javascript. Make sure to check out his Pluralsight courses as well.
Maarten Balliauw Maarten’s posts on application performance are my favourite since it’s a niche that is underserved. I’ve learned tons on how to make my applications perform better from him.
Mads Kristensen You’ll definitely want to follow Mads if you’re interested in building extensions for Visual Studio. He’s done a ton of work on the topic.
Mark Heath Mark’s blog is mostly about Azure, and you’ll find many articles on Azure Functions. Serverless is one of my favorite techs, which makes following Mark a necessity.
Matt Warren Looking to learn more about the internals of the CLR, or understanding processes that we’re rarely exposed to in C#, such as Garbage Collection? Look no further than Matt’s blog.
Michael Crump Michael’s blog is chock full of useful tips and tricks about using Azure to its fullest.
Mike’s Dotnetting Mike has been actively helping others through his blog since 2007. More recently, he’s writing about Razor and Blazor.
Rick Strahl Rick’s articles are mostly focused on ASP.NET Core. His breadth and depth of experience comes from running his consultancy on the beautiful island of Maui. He’s got it figured out!
Scott Hanselman Any .NET blog list is incomplete without Scott. His is probably the longest-running blog on the list, with articles dating back to 2002. That is the definition of consistency.
Steve Gordon Steve’s blog is one of the best .NET Core-focused blogs out there. The clarity of his posts are an inspiration for me to continue to improve the quality of my own posts.
Steve Smith Steve’s blog is a must read for anyone interested in DDD & SOLID principles in .NET. He’s also published a bunch of Pluralsight courses on the same topic. Read. Watch. Learn. 
The Morning Brew Chris Alcock runs The Morning Brew, a daily news site dedicated to linking to the best .NET content every day.
Troy Hunt I consider Troy’s security blog essential reading for any .NET developer. On top of that, his posts on running HaveIBeenPwned with Azure Functions are some of the best case study-like articles I’ve seen.

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